Have you ever wondered what it would be like if women ran the world?
We think about it, but how often do we get to experience it?
Imagine a town conceived, planned, structured and operated entirely by womyn.

Imagine a diverse community
with a sweeping range of age, ethnicity,
ability and experience.


Now imagine that it's a vacation town -

Imagine children free to play
  in the summer sun
and womyn wandering
  moonlit woods and meadows
without fear.

a concert town -



a town filled with multi-dimensional
performances, powered by creativity
and collective inspiration.


It's a town planned for you,
inviting you to create and participate,
to discuss and discover,
to work and play together,
and to explore your inner limits and outer wilds.


Our town focuses on the riches
of all things female,
with strong underpinnings of the
the risky
and the fierce.


First conceived in the hot feminist
politics of the mid-70s, consciously
developed through four decades of female
ingenuity, feminist process, queer
sensibility and dyke vision, the Festival
has become an enduring and beloved
incarnation of women's imagination and


Come to the Land.

Take a trip to your wildest dreams.

This is Michigan.


Overview of Activities, Services and Information