Intensive Workshops

If your work requires Continuing Education Units (CEUs) you may be able to take advantage of the Festival Workshop Program to gain those CEUs – making Michigan one of the best working vacations on the planet! Click here for more information on CEUs.

Weeklong Series Beginning Tuesday/Wednesday

Drumsong Orchestra ~ Ubaka Hill
One World Inspirational Choir ~ Aleah Long
Singing in Sacred Circle ~ Linda Smith Koehler and Rissa Moore

Tuesday Intensive Workshops

Breast Casting for Womyn of Color ~ Cassandra Buchanan
Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls ~ Paloma Rosales
Death Café ~ Holly Pruett
Half-Way to Michfest Parties and Community Building ~ Brenda Schumacher
Healing Ways for Rising Amazons ~ Kim Smith
Muay Thai Kick Boxing ~ Rima Sidhu
Musical Jam for Everyone ~ Jamie Anderson
Nu Traditional African Dance as Medicine ~ Queen
Talking Gender and Sexuality Across Generations
          ~ Hanifah Walidah, Mecca Jamilah Sullivan and Nivea Castro
The Other 51 Weeks: Intersecting Identities ~ AndreAs Neumann-Mascis
I Rub You Honey ~ Margaret Belton
Preachers, Rabbis, Goddesses and Clergy ~ Reverend Edith Washington
RVs Rockin': Everything You Want to Know ~ Nancy Wilson
Salsa Rueda - Salsa in the Round ~ Maryasha Katz
Womyn of Color Feminisms ~ S9S
Wood Block Printing ~ Birch Land
Write Lesbian Erotica ~ Nivea Castro

Wednesday Intensive Workshops

Allies in Understanding
Amazon Knife and Tomahawk Throwing ~ Vick Tree
Best of Latin Dance ~ Nivea Castro
Challenging Internalized Misogyny ~ jona olsson
Community Croning Ritual ~ Ruth Barrett
Country Western Line Dancing ~ Donna Every
Fern Dreams: Heliographic Printing ~ Beardedragyns
Fit Family: Mommy and Me ~ Rima Sidhu
Griot Crafts for DART Womyn ~ Akosua Woods
Hand Drumming for Beginners ~ Chris Gacsi
Healing Ways: Stones and Crystals ~ Kim Smith
Land Walk ~ Flowing
Latina Marimachas ~ Maria Calderon, Martha Cartagena and Mimi Gonzalez
Lesbian Tent Revival ~ Carolyn Gage
Lez Rez ~ Shirley Jons
Love Your Life while Growing Your Business ~ Dana Clark
Queer Yoga ~ Richelle Donigan and Brenda Schumacher
Racism & Anti-Racism – 2014 and Beyond ~ jona olsson
Radical Feminisim ~ Sarah Hoagland, Jackie Anderson and Anne Leighton
Sex and Money: How to Have More and Dream Bigger ~ Amy Jo Goddard

Tuesday - Wednesday Intensive Workshops

Amazon Archery ~ Falcon River and Kathy Crocco
Stilt Walking with Womyn Walking Tall ~ Janette Sperber with Denise Goff

Click here for Descriptions of Intensive Workshops

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