If your work requires Continuing Education Units (CEUs) you may be able to take advantage of the Festival Workshop Program to gain those CEUs – making Michigan one of the best working vacations on the planet! Click Here for more information on CEUs.


Tuesday Morning

Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls
Paloma Rosales
Tues 9am to 12noon
The Day of the Dead is a Hispanic celebration that is about remembering and honoring loved ones who have passed on. We'll pour libations, name our loved ones, share stories and remember our sisters who once walked the land. Sugar skulls, paints, glitter, feathers and jewels provided. You'll make an original, one-of-a-kind sugar skull ready to hang and keep. Limited to 20.

Death Café
Holly Pruett
Tues 9am to 12noon
Death Cafés are part of a global movement to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of our (finite) lives. Come experience a Death Café in the ferns and learn how you can organize one back home. No latecomers.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing
Rima Sidhu
Tues 9am to 12noon
Muay Thai is a form of kick boxing that originated in Thailand. It utilizes punches, kicks, knees and elbows to strike. The workshop will consist of pad work, and light back and forth contact. Please bring your own gloves/pads if you have them. Ages 13 and older. Limited to 20. No latecomers.

One World Inspirational Choir
Aleah Long
Series, Tues 9am to 12noon and Wed-Sat 1pm to 4pm
Sunday Performance, Acoustic Stage 12:30pm
The One World Inspirational Choir is, first and foremost, a strong circle of womyn who come together once a year to discover, explore, deepen and share the power of their own authentic sound. Through breathing, movement and sound exercises drawn from Kamitic and Dravidic yoga traditions, the circle weaves a powerful web focused on safety, good intentions for ourselves and the world, healing, growth and discovery. Exercises to promote vocal technique and musical interpretation skills are combined with learning songs and chants from a variety of world traditions. The weeklong intensive workshop culminates with a Musical Ritual that is offered to the Festival community as part of the Sunday Acoustic Stage performances. The One World Inspirational Choir experience has proved to be a powerful opportunity for healing and growth that sends the womyn who participate in the circle and those who share the Musical Ritual on Sunday morning back home with more strength, courage, light and love. This workshop is not just for womyn who consider themselves singers, it is for any womon who wishes to explore her own inner landscape and to discover the power of her voice – her own authentic sound. Womyn are encouraged to bring their instruments (guitars, violins, flutes and percussion) if they are proficient and feel confident that they can quickly assimilate a part for performance. Vocal soloists are drawn from the circle, with occasional guest artists from the performance stages. Full-week attendance at the daily rehearsal is preferred to participate in the performance.

Preachers, Rabbis, Goddesses and Clergy
Reverend Edith Washington
Tues 9am to 12noon
A facilitated discussion with womyn who are leaders from a variety of spiritual communities. What's unique and challenging as womyn clergy in our predominantly male-dominated role as spiritual leaders. An interactive discussion, open to all, that ain't preachin', but an insightful, laughter-filled circle that's not about your momma's place of worship!

Salsa Rueda
Maryasha Katz
Tues 9am to 12noon
Partner switching at its ultimate! Come learn Salsa Rueda or "Casino" – a form of Cuban salsa that originated in the 1950's. The dance is done in a wheel/circle, with a caller who determines the moves, like in a square dance. Because we will progress as a group, no latecomers!

Singing in Sacred Circle
Linda Smith Koehler and Rissa Moore
Tues-Sat 9am to 12noon
Sunday Healing Circle, Acoustic Stage 2pm
Linda and Rissa lead a daily singing circle for womyn of all ages and abilities who want to learn songs, chants, rounds and dances that help each woman find new power in her voice and affirm her divine essence. This workshop was started by Kay Gardner and members of Women with Wings in 1996 and has been offered almost every year since. This group gathers as a family, rejoicing in the reunion of familiar faces and celebrating the arrival of new members. Our circle is open and fluid; you may attend any part or all of it. Come and go as you need. Latecomers and children are welcome. Scent-free workshop, please.

Talking Gender and Sexuality Across Generations
Hanifah Walidah, Mecca Jamilah Sullivan and Nivea Castro
Tues 9am to 12noon
Dyke. Butch. Stud. Lesbian. Queer. AG. Feminist. Languages of gender and sexuality mean different things to different generations. This workshop bridges the communication gap. Through strategic dialog, creative writing, and visual art brainstorming, we'll define what these terms mean to us, learn what they mean to each other, and discover how to talk across generations.

Womyn of Color Feminisms
Tues 9am to 12noon
This will be a PowerPoint presentation and discussion with group exercises to examine fundamental issues such as race, class, poverty, violence, health, patriarchy, feminist interventions and coalitional politics. We will also discuss how to build a feminist movement that centers on poor and vulnerable womyn of color.

Tuesday Afternoon

Amazon Archery
Falcon River and Kathy Crocco
Tues and Wed 1pm to 4pm
Amazon Nation Rise! Learn the ancient art of intuitive archery. Tap into your ancestral memory and shoot like your Amazon foremothers. Hone your personal will, step to the mark, focus, and release your energy toward your target. Girls ages 12 to 17 welcome with parent or guardian. All equipment provided. No drugs or alcohol.

Breast Casting for Womyn of Color
Cassandra Buchanan
Tues 1pm to 4pm
Come and create a breast casting that is a tangible souvenir of your time here in the woods. At the end of this intensive, you will be taking your casting with you. Please be well hydrated and wear something that your don't mind getting smudged. I am using plaster so if that is your particular allergen you may have to sit this one out. No latecomers please. Admirers always welcome. This will be repeating once at the end of the week for womyn that were unable to attend this session.

Drumsong Orchestra
Ubaka Hill
Series, Tues-Sat 1pm to 4pm
Sunday Performance, Acoustic Stage 11:30am
Explore the art, rhythm and spirit of drumming. Learn drum songs of varied cultural and rhythmic styles; improve technique, breath, tonal clarity, concentration, dexterity, time, dynamics, improvisation, vocalization and orchestration. Learn drum etiquette and how to acquire a drum. Bring drums, hand instruments (bells, shekeres, rattles) and a cassette recorder if you have one. Some instruments provided. The Drumsong Orchestra performs Sunday morning on the Acoustic Stage; full-week attendance at the daily rehearsal is required to participate in the performance.

Half-Way to Michfest Parties and Community Building
Brenda Schumacher
Tues 1pm to 4pm
Develop strategies for bringing more women to the festival through half-way parties, special events, and building mini michfest community where you live.

Healing Ways for Rising Amazons
Kim Smith
Tues 1pm to 4pm
In this fun hands-on workshop, learn how healing energy works and how you can become a healer. We'll work with the four elements and universal life-force energy in simple ways that you can really use. If you've been told you're different or too sensitive this may be the workshop for you! All seekers welcome. For young women ages 12-25.

Musical Jam for Everyone
Jamie Anderson
Tues 1pm to 4pm
Bring your instrument and jam with us! Any instrument is welcome, singers too. We'll have fun playing songs from many different genres – folk, rock, blues, country and more. For all levels, beginners on up.

Nu Traditional African Dance as Medicine
Tues 1pm to 4pm
No experience needed! Come dance, libate the earth with your sweat, sing and transform.

The Other 51 Weeks
AndreAs Neumann-Mascis
Tues 1pm to 4pm
We will explore the identities that are an important and meaningful part of our own lives. We will develop our understanding of how the systems of oppression lend meaning to those identities. And we will use that shared wisdom to become more impassioned advocates and allies. We will develop our resources for empowered healing and change.

I Rub You Honey
Margaret Belton
Tues 1pm to 4pm
A workshop for friends, family, singles and partners to learn how to give massages through simple and highly effective techniques. Massage is proven to be extremely beneficial to our bodies, minds and spirits. Acheive a great sense of wellness and discover another great form of giving and receiving love through the power of touch. No Latecomers.

RVs Rockin'
Nancy Wilson
Tues 1pm to 4pm
Handling the salesman at the RV sales lot. What to look for and what to beware of in a used or an older RV. General maintenance, winterizing, and solar panels. We will walk among some campers and compare their differences. There will be stories told and questions answered!

Stilt Walking with Womyn Walking Tall
Janette Sperber assisted by Denise Goff
Tues and Wed 1pm to 4pm
Learn the ancient art of walking on stilts – its fun and empowering! Wear sturdy shoes or boots and long pants. Girls aged 12 to 16 must bring an able-bodied adult for the duration. Participants may attend either or both intensive days. For more stilt walking, we'll meet for the (optional) parade at 6pm Saturday, discussing costuming and choreography on-site. You are welcome to join the parade if you have been on stilts before. No latecomers after first 30 minutes.

Wood Block Printing
Birch Land
Tues 1pm to 4pm
We will carve images into small pine blocks and then ink the blocks to create relief prints that can be used as cards, framed, or for collage. Limited to 15.

Write Lesbian Erotica
Nivea Castro
Tues 1pm to 4pm
Explore, create, share lesbian erotica through original written and spoken storytelling as we craft the bones of collaborative and performance pieces. Lesbians only, please. Ages 18 and over. No latecomers.


Wednesday Morning

Allies in Understanding
Wed 9am to 12noon
Our community is engaged in a prolonged and complex discussion about the intention of the festival as autonomous womyn-born-female (WBF) space and the question of the inclusion of trans womyn in this space. Womyn who love the Festival deeply have intense feelings on all sides of this discussion. In 2013, we held meaningful and open-hearted discussions that provided space for us to listen and talk to each other across belief and difference; discussions that we will build on this year. Our dynamic, multi-generational community comes to this discussion as many spokes on a wheel, a wheel that is never still and is constantly in motion. As we struggle through our thinking, we use language, concepts and frameworks that span 2nd, 3rd and 4th wave feminist analysis as tools to come together in community. This discussion is not to change minds, but to engage with the hardest things eye to eye, and heart to heart. To do this most important work, we must commit to hearing divergent points of view, and to remaining in a dialogue that holds our multiple truths. We must see each other through what can feel like the most challenging stalemate. Please join your community in this discussion series in whatever way you are able. Bring your love of the Michigan community, your belief in the power of dynamic discourse and a commitment to speak, and listen, without aggression. Most of all, bring your best self – and your faith in the Michigan community process.

Amazon Knife and Tomahawk Throwing
Vick Tree
Wed 9am to 12noon
Bring your inner Amazon out to play! Try your hand at throwing knives and axes, learn throwing basics. Great stress reliever! Everyone welcome.

Best of Latin Dance
Nivea Castro
Wed 9am to 12noon
Nivea is back! She brings basic Latin dance steps to life with her fun and easy-to-master teaching style. Learn the fundamentals of Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, and, as a bonus, SHINES - cool solo dance step combinations. Nivea will have you dancing like a pro!

Fit Family
Rima Sidhu
Wed 9am to 12noon
Moms and kids ages 2+ will participate in different physical activities together, including games, that are based on development of fundamental movement skills. Afterwards, there will be a group discussion about children's nutrition and feeding practices. Ages 2 and older. Limited to 20. No latecomers.

Hand Drumming for Beginners
Chris Gacsi
Wed 9am to 12noon
Basic techniques and rhythms for djembe, ashiko, conga, and hand percussion instruments; drumming etiquette presented. Opportunities for developing creativity, rhythm sense, community, confidence, and meeting sister drummers in a safe, supportive space. SOME loaner drums and hand percussion available – first come, first served.

Land Walk
Wed 9am to 12noon
Join Flowing for a Land walk and stories of the ecology and development of the Land. Limited to 25.

Latina Marimachas
Maria Calderon, Martha Cartagena and Mimi Gonzalez
Wed 9am to 12noon
Femme or butch? Do you resent or embrace the stereotypes? Writing exercises, interactive dialogue, out loud reading on the topic of butch/femme/lesbian identity in the Latina culture including other influences and labels that shaped our identity. Together we'll dispel myths and negative images, reconstructing them into positives, celebrating who we are. Latina-identified womyn only. No latecomers

The Lez Rez
Shirley Jons
Wed 9am to 12noon
As Indigenous womyn who attend this Festival, we have a unique opportunity to network and to share who we are, where we come from, and our culture. Come share your stories, your struggles, information about your Nation, and ideas about how we can continue to be visible at this Festival. This workshop is for womyn who walk with Native, Indigenous, First Nations blood.

Queer Yoga
Richelle Donigan and Brenda Schumacher
Wed 9am to 12noon
This all-level workshop delves deeply into philosophy, form and flow that builds and holds prana and creates deep healing and transformation in the context of the queer body. This all-level workshop welcomes beginners and advanced yogis to learn poses and refine form, breath and joyful focus on our sacred connection to the land and each other. This session is a good preparation for the daily yoga sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The intensive includes asana practice with meditation, chakra clearning, pranayama and movement. Some lecture.

Racism & Anti-Racism - 2014 and Beyond
jona olsson
Wed 9am to 12noon
Racism may look different in 2014 (at least to white people) than historically, but today's white supremist institutions, politicians and media still oppress people of color, while offering privileges to white people. Offland – racist attacks on the Black President, on immigrants, voter suppression, and... In womyn's space – cultural or spiritual appropriation, or questions, still, about a WOC space, and... Let's look at today's realities and recognize what it takes to be an anti-racist.

Radical Feminism
Sarah Hoagland, Jackie Anderson and Anne Leighton
Wed 9am to 12noon
In the 70s and 80s, radical feminists created meanings against the grain of male and white supremacy. Today we find our meanings, values and sensibilities turned against us. We invite wimmin to demystify erasures distracting us from material reality and from each other, and to develop strategies in this "post-feminist" age.

Sex and Money:
Amy Jo Goddard
Wed 9am to 12noon
Sex and money are the two most transformative things in our lives, yet most people have tremendous taboos about them. Examine your sex and money story, identify your patterns about both, get clear about what you want, and gain concrete tools based on natural laws to create the sexual & financial empowerment you truly desire.

Wednesday Afternoon

Challenging Internalized Misogyny
jona olsson
Wed 1pm to 4pm
This workshop encourages womyn to examine the harmful impact of a lifetime of sexist, misogynist messages on our own self-image and our attitudes toward other womyn – either can be hurtful to us and the womyn and girls around us. Exercises will affirm womyn and womyn's skills, and confront internalized misogyny and male supremacy.

Community Croning Ritual
Ruth Barrett
Wed 1pm to 4pm
A 'Croning' ritual marks the life transition of women 58 and older into honored elderhood, celebrating their power and accumulated life wisdom. The workshop is a guided group process to prepare for a ritual experience later in the festival week on Friday, where supportive witnesses are welcome to attend. No latecomers.

Fern Dreams
Wed 1pm to 4pm
Enjoy sweet festival fern dreams all year round! Create a unique fern print pillowcase using natural foliage, cut outs and heliographic sun reactive dye. All materials provided, no art experience necessary. Ages 18 and over. Limited to 18. No latecomers.

Griot Crafts for DART Womyn
Akosua Woods
Wed 1pm to 4pm
Bring your creative selves. We will create spirit dolls that reflect who we are; spiritually, emotionally and physically for our altars or other ritual space. All goddesses need wands, so let's do that too. If you have it, bring your cane or walking stick and embellish that as well. I have supplies, but bring your sacred objects to attach to your unique pieces. For DART womyn and friends. Limited to 25.

Healing Ways
Kim Smith
Wed 1pm to 4pm
In this hands-on workshop, we'll explore how to work with stones and crystals as healing tools. We'll learn to use pendulums to read energy fields and sense energy blockages. Then we'll explore stone healing layouts and crystal healing ceremonies, incorporating healing energetic practices to restore health, balance and wholeness.

Lesbian Tent Revival
Carolyn Gage
Wed 1pm to 4pm
Sister Carolyn of the Sisterhood of the Sacred Synapse delivers rousing and often hilarious radical feminist sermons to ignite our wild lesbian imaginations and to revive our precious lesbian spirits – bringing back the old-time gospel of sisterhood and revolution! Look for more tent revivals throughout the week. Teens and adults welcome.

Les' Dance! – Country Western Line Dancing
Donna Every
Wed 1pm to 4pm
Everything old is new again? Come on down to the Community Center dance floor to learn or relearn some classic line and circle dances. Donna was among the first instructors to bring country-western and other partner dances to womyn's festivals back in the day, and her warm and comedic teaching style will have you laughing and looking fabulous in no time. She recommends leather-soled, close-toed shoes or boots, and please bring sunscreen and plenty of water for hydration. We dance rain or shine!

Love Your Life while Growing Your Business
Dana Clark
Wed 1pm to 4pm
Working together to launch your life and business into the 4th dimension. Together we will clearly define your unique offering, create a marketing plan, set clear goals with even clearer action plans, and align your life, values and passions with your business, freeing up time & energy to be present for your customers/clients.

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