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This bulletin board is a forum for all of us Michigan womyn to keep the Festival energy and connections going between Festivals. It's a real-time discussion board, and when you click submit, your post will be up within a few seconds. The WWTMC office gals will check in from time to time, but this board is not a place for questions to the Festival or a place to write Festival feedback. The intention of this BB is for all of us who love the Festival to be able to talk to one another throughout the year in a Festival space.

We know that many of you would prefer to communicate directly with the Festival office by email, but with a small year-round staff, we don't have the capacity to manage the enormous volume of email communication the Festival would receive if we were to have an online address. We're also not interested in setting up an automated response system, which an email address for the Festival would demand. However, we do love to know what you think, so we welcome you to write or call us....old fashioned like.

The Bulletin Board is a great tool for connection, information sharing and community building. We'd like you to keep in mind that although it is Festival space, it exists on the open Internet and therefore is public and available to anyone.

We have recently reshaped the board to return to its original intent love of Michigan, information sharing about the Festival, and the best resource for womyn new to our community. In the past, political discussions have weighted down the spirit of the board and interfered with its intent. The social networking world has many avenues to take up these discussions and arguments in their own unique and defined spaces. We thank you for respecting that this board is no longer that space.

So take up your keyboard, get your chat on, and enjoy our between-festival Festival discussion boards.

Our snail mail address is
PO Box 22
Walhalla, MI 49458

See you in August!

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